Create with me

Urban Arts OC is a creative space offering classes for beginners and advanced artists in a variety of mediums. Here you will find a cool, funky workspace with a sense of community. The belief here is that creativity is a life priority, and that making something by hand feeds the soul.

This space offers the richest cross-pollination of the arts. No matter your medium or level of experience you are welcome here! Ongoing classes are offered in a variety of mediums, as well as ever changing workshops and events. This space provides local artists with a unique gallery space and an environment to inspire you and foster fun!

Lynne's Story

The most important relationship you have , is the one you have with yourself

Urban Arts OC is the vision of Lynne Kaplan, a mixed media artist and longtime educator. Educated in sunny South Africa, Lynne has a degree in Fine Art and Industrial Design. Lynne Works in all mediums of paint and ceramics and is a passionate fused glass artist. She has exhibited her art around the world.

Her dream has been twofold. One being to find a space where professional mature artists can work in a creative environment. The other is to be able to have a cool Gallery and event space that could house art exhibitions and small parties. Urban Arts OC does not only cater to adults, it also caters to kids of all ages, providing a space where people can create without fear of failing. Lynne’s philosophy is that there is NO wrong in art, every piece is a masterpiece and every one of us has an inner artist.

Mykel's Story

Mykel is an artist and designer who believes that every day is an adventure and learning opportunity. One of the best ways to learn and grow is through the creation, viewing and sharing of art.

When our creative mind is challenged and expanded, so is our spirit. It is one of her greatest passions to share that with people every day, in a supportive and curious environment where open art making is encouraged.

Mykel received her BFA in Art from CalArts, where she explored a wide variety of mediums from painting and screen printing to performance and lost wax casting. Mykel is passionate about honing one’s craft as well as discovering new mediums and means of expression. And equally as passionate about helping you discover yours.