So what was Urban Arts OC?

Urban Arts OC was this cool space that welcomed so many faces for 4 years.

The owner, a long time creator Lynne Kaplan, has now closed it and is currently working in Corona Del Mar, in a new studio with a new concept. This new space is for adult Members,  who want to work independently. There is guided mentor ship, rather than tuition, allowing the artist to problem solve in their own creative way. 


Express your creativity

Want to join a co-op? Can you paint independently of an instructor? IF you are looking for studio space and  paint time, a place to paint with some really cool people, then perhaps this is for you?

MEET Lynne

Lynne's Story

The most important relationship you have , is the one you have with yourself

Urban Arts OC was the vision of Lynne Kaplan, a mixed media artist and longtime educator. Educated in sunny South Africa, Lynne has a degree in Fine Art and Industrial Design, and Practices the use of Art Therapy for healing with her Students .  Lynne works in all mediums of paint and ceramics and is a passionate fused glass artist. She has exhibited her art around the world.

Her dream has been twofold. One being to find a space where professional mature artists can work in a creative environment. The other is to be able to have a cool Gallery and event space that could house art exhibitions. Lynne’s philosophy is that there is NO wrong in art, every piece is a masterpiece and every one of us has an inner artist